Some kind words from clients:

You answer my phone calls, you answer my emails, and I can see you in person when I need to. This is great!– Maraleen Manos-Jones, the Butterfly Woman

You were able to help me eliminate the need for outdated technology by determining that all I needed was a small external fax/modem that you so skillfully purchased for me from a guy in Hong Kong through ebay, in a matter of minutes.  You rule.  And have I called you lately? No.  Because you successfully solved all of my problems.  That’s quality service!  Chris Janks, woodworker

It’s wonderful having someone show me how to do a particular project. I could figure it out but it takes longer. With a person, rather than a manual, I get answers to my specific questions and have a better understanding of the possibilities for future projects. – Remy Dios, artist

Calm, respectful, patient, resourceful. Many computer geeks have left me in the dust – they get so far ahead of me that I have no idea what they’re talking about.  You are able to stay with me, you seem interested in where I’m at and what I need to know rather than showing off your expertise. – Susan Penick, MSW

I’ve always avoided even attempting to fix my own computer for fear of making things worse. Julie not only helped me fix my problem but patiently & gently taught me how to do it myself. EMPOWERING! Julia Rose, Acupunturist

Wow! I feel more competent, thanks to you. Susan Weeks, Rpa-C

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