What I do

Build and maintain web sites. I can

Picture of dog and computer with wine glasses - Host Your Site!

  • Host your site
  • Develop the site that you want
  • Keep the site up to date and/or teach you how to do it yourself
  • Picture of dog on telephone - Call Aunt Julie!Implement search engine optimization (SEO): My web site doesn’t show up on Google – what do I do? Call Aunt Julie!

Offer Friendly & Patient Computer Tutorials

Do what you need done and/or guide you in what you need to know to get your project done

Speak Mac and Windows

Picture of dog and demon computer - Troubleshoot your Computer!Troubleshoot your machine

Help you to make friends with your software programs, including:

  • word processing, such as Word
  • spreadsheets such as Excel
  • music programs such as iTunes & Windows Media Player
  • navigating the web using Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or whatever
  • email, such as Outlook or Apple Mail

Picture of dog sniffing computer monitor - Find your Files!Help you with your upgrade to a new computer – where did all my documents go?!

Web sites I’ve made

§ Shandaken Community Gardens Shandaken Community Gardens

§ Tribes Magazine A Gathering of the Tribes -- Gallery, Performance Space, Magazine

§ Windsor-Smith Studio Windsor-Smith Studio

§ Average Bar Band Link to website: Average Bar Band

§ The Spirit of Butterflies Link to web page: The  Spirit of Butterflies

§ Resource Center for Accessible Living, Inc. Link to web page: RCAL.org

§ The Fancy Broccoli Show Link to web page: The Fancy Broccoli Show

§ Be the Change Radio Link to web page: Be the Change Radio

§ Healthcare is a Human Right Link to web page: Healthcare is a Human Right

§ Lenny Salem Memorial Link to web page: Lenny Salem Memorial

§ Amy Shoko Brown Link to web page: Amy Shoko Brown

§ Pine Hill Community Center Link to web page: Pine Hill Community Center

§ Peggy Stern Link to web page: Peggy Stern

§ Anne Brandt Anne Brandt

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